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The Technology Behind It All

For clients' diverse needs, millions of lines of code must be created. This humanly impossible task is done by the amazing technology we call the WPGenerator. 

  • Pages created by the visual editor, from templates or cloned from our vast library of modules.
  • Data structure and database tables are generated mainly from the visual design automatically.
  • Tables are created, edited and generated by the built-in Table Editor.
  • Pages, program codes, tables are all reached by a single click from the live system.

in the Cloud Or On-Site

  • Programming languages used
    • PHP

    • Java

    • Javascript

    • HTML

    • CSS

  • Database
    • MySQL

  • Server
    • in the Cloud

    • or on-site

  • Hardware
    • PCs, laptops

    • tablets

    • smartphones

    • PDAs

    • barcode scanners

    • printers

    • scanners

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