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Created by the challenges of the times




Technology has become a formidable force, but the relationship between companies and IT has been patchy at best. At the same time businesses face a growing number of new challenges, and they will need even more technology. As the shortcomings of previous approaches became more and more apparent it brought to life the need for a fresh approach - 3GEN technology.

The essence of 3GEN (third generation software solutions) is that it must serve three purposes at the same time:

  • it must support employees on an individual level - matching their abilities and responsibilities

  • it must support the needs of the company - as a higher entity

  • it has to be able to change with the company

3GEN solutions can do everything that previous solutions could, but to achieve these three inseparable goals it required a different technological foundation.

Digital Assistant (dA)

Individuals are served by Digital Assistants specifically focusing on their needs in their job.

​The dA's task is to complement the human and do much of the monotonous work, plus help in areas where machines are better. The human and the dA perform the job together inseparably, creating something that is superior to its parts.

However, these dAs also have the ability to connect to each other to form a bigger entity with a higher level purpose.

AI and digital assistants supporting employees in their work.jpg

Digital Workforce

The Digital Workforce is the interconnected set of dAs with the single purpose to serve the objectives of the leaders of the company.

The Digital Workforce is able to:

  • support company processes

  • support the flow of information

  • act as a steward for leadership, looking after the interests of the company

So in essence, the dA serves the individual, but the Digital Workforce serves the company.

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