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20 main factors for succeeding in business

and how ERPs can help you with each

  1. Strong market need for product
  2. Sound cash flow control
  3. The right team
  4. No unbeatable competition
  5. Easy to make profits on sales
  6. User-friendly product
  7. Strong business model
  8. Good marketing communications
  9. Listen to customers
  10. Good timing for product
  11. Focus on what's important
  12. Harmony among team and investors
  13. Pivots managed properly
  14. Passion for the company
  15. Successful expansion
  16. Finding financing / investor interest
  17. Avoid huge, difficult legal challenges
  18. Use network
  19. Prepare for a marathon
  20. Pivot in time if necessary

Most businesses aspire to grow; all businesses seek to prosper. However, there are many ways to build a business. Awareness of key factors for success is highly important.

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