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Planning for digital transformation

Purpose of service package

This 20-hour package is aimed at planning a successful business change cycle. A staggering percentage of corporate software projects fail. It is a costly and highly unpleasant experience for everyone involved, which can be avoided in most cases.
Also, it provides insights on how to make the most of your available budget.

What it contains

1   Determining with you the growth stage your company is at

2   Determining your general goals for improvement through the business change cycle

3   Converting the general goals into objectives and concrete project tasks

4   Helping you create a Benefit Map for departments, management and key employees

5   Determining realistic deadlines, budget and goals for the business change project

Who's involved

  • Top executives and key employees who determine the strategy and key changes for the company

  • A system designer from Woodpecker

A good ERP can improve your life immensely ... but without appropriate preparation, it will be like running out of breath

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A good ERP can improve your life immensely!

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