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Project Management Tools

Our standard Project Management functions

  • Financial Planning
  • Resource Coordination
  • Monitoring
  • Approvals
  • Reviewing

Every business and industrial sector has very particular needs. There's also great variety between projects - in resources to be used, size, complexity, emphasis, focus. Project Management is constantly evolving with methods and tools for resource planning, scheduling, monitoring progress, marking milestones, as well as assessment of results and metrics.

We at Woodpecker specialize in understanding and serving very diverse needs in Project Management and fitting them into standard or bespoke software modules. It's our daily "bread and butter" to take good control over very complicated IT projects.


With smartERP methodology we can –


  • learn your specific pricing and estimating methods 

  • show you how slack or tight your project is, based on relevant data

  • monitor, control and guide your staff through their jobs

  • generate reliable data for reports and analysis

Nothing is automatic and no software will do it all alone. However, smartERP can be a great ally and change-maker – as well as ending that time gluttony mentioned first.

We have a strong track record for installing smartERP systems in very individual companies, thereby helping to make manufacturing more profitable.

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