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Financial Controlling

Our standard Financial Controlling functions

  • Filing
  • Accounting
  • Precision cash flow forecasts
  • Controlling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Invoicing

Businesses require increasingly quick responses which revolve around sound financial data. Often there is no time to wait for books up-to-date and this changes the focus for data. High quality, multi-dimensional financial data is needed at the front end and in integrated systems alike, in order for management to form prompt decisions.


With smartERP methodology we can –


  • learn your specific controlling methods 

  • show you how slack or tight your cash flow is, based on relevant data

  • monitor, control and guide your staff through their jobs

  • generate reliable data for reports and analysis

Nothing is automatic and no software will do it all alone. However, smartERP can be a great ally and change-maker – as well as ending that time gluttony mentioned first.

We have a strong track record for installing smartERP systems in very individual companies, thereby helping to make manufacturing more profitable.

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