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How does Woodpecker compare

to other ERPs

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s ERP system focusing on small and medium size businesses. It works very well with other Microsoft products. Its module range is not robust and offers a somewhat limited functionality. It offers online visibility meaning it is easy to access from anywhere. Its user-friendliness is often criticised partly due to its “ageing” mindset. It is an expensive system.


Woodpecker focuses on providing closely fitting systems from smaller size to later stages - for businesses with 10-500 employees. Based on the customer’s needs, the system is able to support a wide range of areas inside the company in a truly integrated, connected or stand alone way. For true fit, big emphasis is put on business process design services and best-practice advice coupled with strong bespoke development wherever and whenever required. Woodpecker is a mid-range lifetime cost product with very transparent pricing. Online visibility is default, with options for on premise or private clouds. Mobile screen layouts are available for some features and can be developed for others on request. Because of close fitting, the system typically requires lengthy installation, throughout which the Woodpecker team offers continuous support.

* These are opinions condensed from published views expressed by genuine users. As such they are inevitably subjective. Their limited purpose is to give a quick overview and feel for the product, not an evaluative critique.

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